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Aparthotel Klínovec Views Loučná pod Klínovcem, Loučná pod Klínovcem Accommodation

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Aparthotel Klínovec Views Krušné Hory - accommodation in Klinovec ...

Here you will find absolute peace and privacy, but also basic hotel services such as nice and trained staff, flexible accommodation time, reception and cleaning services and much more that you will not find in individual apartments.

Our aparthotel offers exclusively new and modernly furnished apartments with fully equipped kitchens. By the time we arrive, we will prepare everything to make you feel right at home. The apartment will be perfectly tidy, the beds will be clean and the towels will be washed.
There will also be a cellar for the comfortable accommodation of your beloved skis or your bikes.

The apartment also has its own parking space. Some apartments have an outdoor location for one car in our private car park right before the future. The others include a parking space in the garage, which is erected on the entire ground floor of the building. Under the roof, the owners of tricky cars and those who come to us on motorbike will surely appreciate it.

But if you need more space to park anything, that's no problem. Less than 50 meters from the Aparthotel there is a huge parking area with an inexhaustible number of parking spaces.

The building has 3 above-ground floors with 8 apartments on each floor. You can choose from two variants, for a smaller number of people maybe 1 + KK will be enough, but you can also choose the second option 2 + KK.

On the ground floor of the building there is a garage with parking spaces for the owners of the apartments, therefore also available to you.
The nearest ski slope is just 300m. You would not have been looking for a hotel reception in vain yet. But do not be mistaken, we are closer than you would think. But you can best locate us using your phone.

Aparthotel Klínovec Views Rooms...

The rooms are almost the same, and yet everyone is completely different. This is not the case whether the room is single room or two-room.

Rather it is because each apartment was created individually and by the hands of other creators, so you will not find two identical rooms.

But they have one thing in common. All have a living room connected to a kitchenette, all have their own balcony and all are fully and newly equipped.

Type of rooms

Furnishings of rooms: rooms in balcony, shower, toilet in room, frige, TV, internet Connection, rooms with Kitchen, crib available, hairdryer, microwave, double boiling ring, kettle, WI-FI, washing machine, balcony / Terrace / gardens

Basic information: barrier-free Access, room service, Information service, depository bicycle, parking garage, reserved parking Lot, Internet Connection, pets allowed, WI-FI, free parking, Room service, Non-smoking environment

Number of floors: 3

Description of vicinity: The best way to get to us is by car, of course, and we would not recommend another option. In theory you can arrive in Karlovy Vary and Karlovy Vary by bus to Boží Dar. But the bus travels quite sporadically.

So maybe just a couple of recommendations:
Do not underestimate our sometimes merciless and wild landscape, especially in the winter, and keep your car in good quality winter shoes with a not-too-worn pattern. Sometimes the chains in the trunk are also lost.

The weather can be very variable here, you will often encounter the fog that you can cut, or you can go on a trip along the perfectly tuned road and return back to the calamities.

At times of gps navigation, it is perhaps unnecessary to type the description at the second junction to the right or left. If you would have wandered when you reached the finish line, the best one would be to call one of our phones again. Perhaps we can talk :-)

Anyway, if you go under the cable car, leave the E3 road by going to the left of road 219 and the first possible turn almost immediately to the left again. This journey will take you to us.

Suggestions for hikes: Loučná pod Klínovcem

The first written mention of the village of Wiesenthal (the meadow valley) dates back to 1431. The village was probably founded already in the 14th century, but we have not received any news about this early period.

The first preserved mention of Loučná is the document, dividing the Pestštejn estate between Alše and Vilém of Šumburk. According to this charter, Aleš was given the castle of Perštejn together with 14 villages, among them "half of Wisenthal".

The following years for the village were not too happy - the Hussite Wars marked it noticeably, and in the 1449 record it was even referred to as desolate.

At the beginning of the 16th century, however, there was development, coupled with the expansion of mining. Loučná was populated again and its importance grew.

But we have seen the greatest development and boom now, by connecting the slopes of Klinovec, Boží Dar and Oberwiesenthal! :-)

Accessibility of facility:

Name of centre: (300 m)


Description of restaurant:

Aparthotel Klínovec Views Gastronomie ...

Of course, there is always the possibility that you can cook yourself, you also eat it yourself. But just for sure, here are a few of our tips where to go for a great meal :)

Restaurant Faustův Dvůr in Horní Blatná - French gastronomy

Restaurant Salaš Rýžovna near Boží Dar - home made meat and cheeses

Forest Restaurant Jezírko in Jáchymov - Modern Czech Cuisine Restaurant

In the Sky at the top of Plešivec - an unusual gastronomic experience

Anna Restaurant in Loučná - Honest domestic mountain cuisine and excellent beer

Restaurant Apres - right under the slopes, drink after skiing extended until dinner?


Sport activity opportunities:
Bicycle rental, Centre winter sports, Ski lift, Ski rental, Ski routes, Bike routes

Capacity for conferences:

Accommodation Price-list:

1.1-31.122530 (Apartmán C 101 (1.NP) 2kk [4+0])2750 (Apartmán C 102 (1.NP) 2kk, parkování v garáži [4+0)2750 (Apartmán C 103 (1.NP) 2kk [6+0])2530 (Apartmán C 104 (1.NP) 2kk, parkovaní v garáži [4+0)

Currency: Czk

Price includes:
Sale/ payments: Price includes accommodation and tourist tax per room / night

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